Firefox, I love you but you’re bringing me down

I love Firefox. I’m a Firefox user, and hopefully always will be. Firefox is better than any other browser (plus it’s free and open-source). However, there have been a few technical things that I don’t like.

Android 12 review: Like the new feature it’s “Extra Dim”

You can summarize Android 12 as “Extra Dim”, also known as: I upgraded to Android 12 and all I got was this lousy, bright gray dark theme.

Helm Post-Renderer and an ugly Windows Batch Script

The year is 2021, and I need to write a Windows Batch Script to get Helm Post-Renderer working on Windows so I can deploy my application to Kubernetes.

10 Tips for Failing at Slack (to Increase Mayhem)

Like many people, I (have to) use Slack to collaborate with team members at work.
These are hard lessons I’ve learned so far.

Secure Docker with iptables firewall and Ansible

Out of the box, security with Docker (and Docker Swarm) over the network is bad. Okay, that’s not entirely true. Out of the box when you have no containers started, it’s fine. But after you start a container, and if you publish a port, they are exposed to the outside world by default. And it’s not easy to fix. You need to create a custom Docker firewall with iptables.

How to fix Ubuntu 20.04 in 1 step

There’s not a lot wrong with Ubuntu 20.04. So it’s pretty easy to fix the one thing that’s missing! Hint: Install the Cinnamon Desktop.

Docker and the iptables INPUT chain

When testing Docker and iptables I stumbled upon something interesting. It appears Docker uses the iptables INPUT chain in an undocumented way. Well that’s interesting..

Manage firewalld with Ansible

Ansible manage firewalld Managing firewalld can be a tricky. Especially if you have many servers to manage. Ansible can help manage firewalld rules for you!

Find Version Tag for Latest Docker Image

If you’ve ever used Docker, you’ve probably used the latest Docker image tag. This is bad. Do not do this! You will be in a situation where you need to find what version you were actually using. This is how you can find the version of that “latest” image you have running.

Ansible Role to Test Network Connectivity

Ansible is used to do so many things. And if you already use Ansible for your automation tasks then you already have it ready to go. So why not use Ansible to test network connectivity?