How to fix Ubuntu 20.04 in 1 step

Ubuntu 20.04 was recently released!
Overall, it’s great, and it works very well. But I did have one problem with it. It’s missing the Cinnamon Desktop.

I fixed it by running one command:

$ sudo apt install cinnamon-desktop-environment

After it’s installed, reboot your computer. Then, before logging in, click the gear icon and change your session to Cinnamon.

Now everything is so much better!

Cinnamon Desktop

This will install the Cinnamon Desktop Environment for you. Which was initially developed for Linux Mint.

Cinnamon Desktop on Ubuntu 20.04

The main downside with this approach is you’ll probably be using this version of Cinnamon Desktop for a while. Packages don’t update very often in Ubuntu. However, in general not being on the newest of the new does bring stability.

If you still use Windows you are missing out. You should think about switching to Linux.

It’s amazing! Give it a try.