Stop iframe Content Theft

Stop iframe Content Theft

Don’t let your website be a victim of content theft!
Stop other websites from using your website content with their message (overlay) over top.

Some websites offer a “service” to create their own call to action over top of any website. Why is this a problem? If some other person is using your content with their own call to action or ads on top it can appear that they created the content.

They are getting the benefit from your content. Some would consider that content theft. At best it’s pretty shady.

How to Stop iframe Content Theft

To stop this, there are a few options.

  1. Add one line of code to your web server config or .htaccess file
  2. Use a WordPress Plugin to add that one line of code
  3. Use a WordPress Plugin to use JavaScript

One line of code

The most efficient way to stop this is to add one line of code to your web server configuration file. This will block any website that is trying to use an iframe to load your website. Don’t worry, it won’t break anything on your own website if internally you want to use an iframe.

In your root .htaccess file or Apache httpd.conf (/etc/apache2/httpd.conf) add this:

Header always append X-Frame-Options SAMEORIGIN

The SAMEORIGIN option means you can still use an iframe to load anything from your own website in an iframe.

Plugin to add that one line of code

There is another option if you can’t edit the .htaccess file or are not comfortable with that. You can install the WP no-iFrames plugin (free) to do this for you.

The above methods will completely block any website trying to use your content in an iframe. Some of these overlay “services” won’t even let a user create content from your website because it is now “secure“. Your content is now safe from this iframe content theft!

Here’s an example of what it now looks like when blocking the iframe content theft.

Stop iframe Content Theft - Example of Blocked website

Plugin using JavaScript – Frame Buster

A third option is using a bit of JavaScript to gracefully block any overlay, and then redirect the user to your website. This is a great way to still get the visitor to your website when a shady overlay website is trying to use your content. That will show them!

A free plugin called Frame Buster from Warfare Plugins can do this for you.


If you want a quick way to block content thieves from using an overlay on top of your content you can use one line of code to block them. No plugin needed.

However if you want to redirect that user to your own website and don’t mind using another plugin to do this, then Sniply Buster is for you.

Apparently only 1% of websites are blocking these tools. Let’s get this number higher. Don’t let your website be a victim of content theft!

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