How To Set Up And Customize WordPress Twenty Twenty Theme

Phenomenal Cosmic Fonts! Itty Bitty Living Space.WordPress 5.3 has a new default theme called Twenty Twenty. Like all new things on the web, we get more space around everything. We also get MASSIVE fonts! Along with a narrow area to show all the text content, and embedded fonts which waste bandwidth. It’s not all bad though. And we can fix it!

Guide to WordPress as a Static Site

WordPress static html fast like this motorcycleRunning your own WordPress site can have it’s challenges. What if you could have all the benefits of WordPress, and also all the benefits of a static site? WordPress as a static site is the answer.

WordPress Search using DuckDuckGo

WordPress search using DuckDuckGo search engineWordPress has a built-in search feature which allows a site using self-hosted WordPress to search local pages and posts, and then display the results on the site. What if you want to use an external search engine like DuckDuckGo to do this instead?

How to Automatically Add Watermark using WordPress

How to Automatically Add WatermarkMost people have pictures on their website. If you don’t have any pictures, you probably should! When these pictures are original works you don’t want other people using them. Another reason to add a watermark is if you want your logo on your pictures so people can identify your brand.

Stop iframe Content Theft

Stop iframe Content TheftDon’t let your website be a victim of content theft!
Stop other websites from using your website content with their message (overlay) over top.

Some websites offer a “service” to create their own call to action over top of any website. Why is this a problem? If some other person is using your content with their own call to action or ads on top it can appear that they created the content.

They are getting the benefit from your content. Some would consider that content theft. At best it’s pretty shady.

The Best WordPress Lightbox Plugin

Best WordPress Lightbox PluginToo many websites have a poor look and feel to them. The user experience of your website needs to be awesome.

One easy way to improve the user experience is by having your pictures displayed beautifully. How? In this post I’ll talk about the best WordPress Lightbox plugin, and a few alternatives.

How to Update WordPress

How to Update WordPressIn this post I’ll discuss how to update WordPress. Along with why you need to stay current, and tips for knowing when to update.



How to Make a WordPress Backup

How to Make a WordPress BackupIn this post I’ll talk about how to make a WordPress backup for your website.



Find Broken Links on your Website

How to Find Broken Links on your WebsiteIn this post I’ll show you how to find broken links on your website and fix them.



How to Choose a WordPress Theme for your Blog or Website

How to choose a WordPress ThemeIn this post I will take a close look at all of the things you need to consider when choosing a WordPress Theme. I will also provide you with some of my picks for the best WordPress themes.