Dockerfile ARG FROM ARG trouble with Docker

Dockerfile ARG

Using a dynamic Dockerfile can have great benefits when used in your CI/CD pipeline. You can use the ARG statement in your Dockerfile to pass in a variable at build time. Even use a variable in the FROM statement!

5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Windows to Linux


It’s time. Windows users, Upgrade to Linux. Windows 7 is reaching the end. You must upgrade. Do not replace Windows 7 with Windows 10. That is not an upgrade! Upgrade Windows to Linux Mint. It’s so much better!

Buttons in WordPress 5.3

buttonsButtons Everywhere! But not just normal buttons.. These are some cool buttons. Buttons from a simpler time perhaps.

How To Set Up And Customize WordPress Twenty Twenty Theme

Phenomenal Cosmic Fonts! Itty Bitty Living Space.WordPress 5.3 has a new default theme called Twenty Twenty. Like all new things on the web, we get more space around everything. We also get MASSIVE fonts! Along with a narrow area to show all the text content, and embedded fonts which waste bandwidth. It’s not all bad though. And we can fix it!